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About Us

In the spin of the past 4 years, our creative director, Elizaveta Barsegova welcomed over 400 students in her pottery classes. Seeing how people felt touching clay, she realised that pottery is one of the most grateful ways to get grounded, feel human, calm and present. 

We united over these ideas, became a tribe and set ourselves on a mission: make pottery accessible for everyone, and connect people within the tribe community.

Why You Should Join

This is the platform where you can connect with potters of all experience levels, ages, shapes, the tribe exist to unite as we are a tribe.

A one stop platform that enables you to engage with pottery so that you can 

  • Become a potter

  • Produce your own mug/cup/plate/

  • Grow your craft

  • Grow your pottery business 

  • Learn new a skill 

  • Be more mindful 

  • Access the community

Whats included


Get access to kits of tools and clay slab to start making pottery at home or in your own studio now


Browse though tutorials on various topic of pottery making posted by teachers of the pottery tribe community.


Get access to firing locations where you can bring your objects to go through the final process and therefore reach its completion. 


Get exclusive access to courses within your location where you can further develop your journey with pottery, for example like a glazing workshop at the firing location near you.


Access to community of doers, dreamers and professionals, your like-minded and inspiring group that will empower and rely on you to be empowered. Your home where you belong.

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